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The Institute

Preventive Medicine in the Bundeswehr

Staffed with roughly 200 personnel, the Bundeswehr Institute for Preventive Medicine acts as central archive and information office for all health related information pertaining to matters of the German Armed Forces. Its other primary mission is to conduct research in the field of preventive medicine for the Federal Ministry of Defense.

Tasked with the scientific examination of relevant issues of preventive medicine, the five departments of Division A: “Health and Performance Promotion” form the departmental research division of the Institute. The five departments of Division B “Health Information” manage a comprehensive knowledge base of over 40 million health files and make the information and data accessible for medical inquiries and scientific purposes.

The Institute has strong scientific and methodological capabilities and combines the expertise of multiple technical and scientific disciplines. A comprehensive portfolio of research and services, ranging from simple provision of information to detailed scientific studies provides important information and a basis for decision making for both the Bundeswehr and the scientific community.

The structure of the Bundeswehr Institute for Preventive Medicine

Creating Knowledge - Managing Knowledge

Cover picture of Science Management

Proper and efficient handling of data and knowledge is one of our core competences. Data acquisition, management, and analysis in all 10 departments of the Institute are supported and assisted by a professional science and quality management.

An important focus lies on the transfer of knowledge by bridging the gap from applied research to practical application.

Central tasks are support of the research process from planning to publication and the promotion of scientific networking both within the Bundeswehr as well as with external elements. In addition, science management assists the scientific advisory board of the Institute.

Contact: Alexander Sievert

Staff Section - Lead and Support

Icon picture of the staff

The staff section is the central support element for all personnel, material, organizational, and structural matters. It provides support and consultation for the leadership of the Institute and acts as service provider for all personnel.

It is organized in the typical structure of military institutions by primary staff functions responsible for personnel, military security organization and training, material, and IT.

In addition to these core tasks the staff section acts as service provider for the departmental research division e.g. by supporting the science and quality management functions.

Scientific Advisory Board

Icon picture of the scientific advisory board

The function of the scientific advisory board is to consult the Institute and its supervising agencies. Its objectives are the promotion of all scientific activities and ensuring the quality of research and teaching. Furthermore, the board will support the Institute in the formation and maintenance of contacts and cooperations with other national and international scientific institutions. The scientific expertise of its honorary members covers all fields of the Institute`s research interests.

The detailed duties and responsibilities of the scientific advisory board are:

  • Consult the Institute on the development of medium and long term research goals
  • Consult on research projects to be presented at the annual research conferences of the Medical Service
  • Advise the Institute on handling research demands wich have come up on short notice
  • On-demand counseling during the initiation phase of selected research projects
  • Promotion of national and international scientific contacts, both in the military and the civilian scientific communities
  • Support the Institute in the promotion and education of its scientists and scientific assistants

Board Members (alphabetically):

PD Dr. Ellrott

Nutritional Medicine und -psychology
University Göttingen

Picture of PD. Dr. Thomas Ellrott

Prof. Dr. Ellegast

Ergonomics und Physics
Institute for occupational safety and health of the German Social Accident Insurance

Picture of Prof. Dr. Ellegast

Prof. Dr. Felfe

Deputy of the Chairman
Psychology - Helmut-Schmidt-University

Picture of Prof. Dr. Felfe

Prof. Dr. Dr. Grunwald, Brigadier General (MD), ret.

Medicine and History

Picture of Prof. Dr. Dr. Grunwald

Prof. Dr. Reer

Chairman of the Board
Sport Sciences - University of Hamburg

Picture of Prof. Dr. Reer

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