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Current Research Topics

With its formation, InstPraevMedBw was assigned multiple high priority tasks with a high public profile. Among those were comprehensive scientific analyses and scientific consulting in the aftermath of the heat-related incidents and the physical-overload related events during basic training. Within a short period of only four months, a high profile, multinational symposium with international experts had to be organized and executed. As a direct result of this symposium, the Institute was made an integral part of the new conception of basic training in the German Army. It was further tasked with the concomitant scientific supervision of the pilot project, during which it also provided the instructors in Hammelburg, Munster, Hagenow, and Viereck with advanced training.

Midyear 2018 the institute was tasked with the scientific supervision and the implementation of a health registry in context of the “Allgemeinen Verwendungsuntersuchung – Individuelle Grundfertigkeiten (AVU-IGF)”. In 2019, extensive conceptual and assignments with regards to content within the purview of the “Agenda Ausbildung”. Furthermore, the institute collaborates with the German Army Headquarters towards the establishment of a “fitness registry” which may also serve as a blueprint for a future health-registry.

The institute is currently preparing the symposium “Enhancing operational readiness”. It will be held in October 2019 as another high profile, international and invitational congress, attended by renowned national and international experts. Its purpose is to inform civilian and military leaders and decision makers about potential courses of action in the face of reduced performance capacity and –capability throughout society.

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