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Contact Persons

Head of the Institute

Oberstarzt Prof. Dr. Dr. Dieter Leyk

(Colonel (MC))

Head of institute
Head of department A

Picture of Prof. Dr. Dr. Dieter Leyk
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Telephone external: 77001
Telephone internal: 77001

Oberstarzt Dr. Peter Richter

(Colonel (MC))

Head of department B
Deputy head of institute

Picture of Dr. Peter Richter
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Telephone external: 2001
Telephone internal: 2001

Oberstarzt Dr. Ulrich Rohde

(Colonel (MC))

Deputy head of department A
Senior scientist A1, Provisional senior scientist A2

Picture of Dr. Ulrich Rohde
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Telephone external: 77010
Telephone internal: 77010

Leadership Staff Section

Hauptmann Günter Tjaden


Leadership Staff Section

Picture of Günter Tjaden
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Telephone external: 2002
Telephone internal: 2002

Science Management

Oberregierungsrat Alexander Sievert

Provisional science manager
Scientist A2

Picture of Herrn Alexander Sievert
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Telephone external: 77021
Telephone internal: 77021

Sandra Hahn

Assistant science management

Picture of Ms. Sandra Hahn
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Telephone external: 77006
Telephone internal: 77006

Department A - “Health and Performance Promotion”

Dr. Kristina Küper

A1 Applied Health Promotion

Picture of Ms. Dr. Kristina Küper
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Telephone external: 77012
Telephone internal: 77012

Oberstabsarzt Dr. Emanuel Vits

(Major (MC))

A2 Physical Performance

Picture of Dr. Emanuel Vits
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Telephone external: 77022
Telephone internal: 77022

Stabsfeldwebel Nadine Hartmann

(Master Sergeant)

Research assistant
A2 Physical Performance

Picture of Ms. Nadine Hartmann
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Telephone external: 77023
Telephone internal: 77023

Regierungsdirektor Dr. Alexander Witzki

Senior scientist A3: Performance Psychology
Deputy provisional science manager

Picture of Dr. Alexander Witzki
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Telephone external: 77030
Telephone internal: 77030

Regierungsrätin Ursa Nagler-Nitzschner

A3 Performance Psychology

Picture of Ms. Dr. Ursa Nagler-Nitzschner
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Telephone external: 77031
Telephone internal: 77031

Regierungsdirektor Dr. Karl Jochen Glitz

Senior scientist A4
Environmental Ergonomics and Clothing

No picture available
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Telephone external: 77040
Telephone internal: 77040

Dr. Maria Richter

A4 Environmental Ergonomics and Clothing

Picture of Ms. Dr. Maria Richter
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Telephone external: 77041
Telephone internal: 77041

Oberregierungsrätin Dr. Sevilay Akcöltekin

Senior scientist A5
Medical Ergonomics and Applied Computer Science

Picture of Ms. Dr. Sevilay Akcöltekin
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Telephone external: 77050
Telephone internal: 77050

Thorsten Hartmann

Systemadministrator A5
Medical Ergonomics and Applied Computer Science

Picture of Herrn Thorsten Hartmann
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Telephone external: 77051
Telephone internal: 77051

Eva Keller

University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich

Picture of Ms. Eva Keller
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Telephone external: 77011
Telephone internal: 77011

Oberstabsarzt Dr. Kai Nestler

(Major (MC))

Bundeswehr Central Hospital Koblenz

Picture of Dr. Kai Nestler
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Telephone external: +49 261 2812815
Telephone internal: 90 4425 2815

Department B - “Health Information”

Regierungsoberamtsrat Günter Koßmann

Department manager B1
Management of Analogue Health Documents

Picture of Günter Koßmann
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Telephone external: 2200
Telephone internal: 2200

Oberfeldarzt Dr. Thomas Luedtke

(Lieutenant Colonel (MC))

Department manager B2
Management of Digital Health Documents

Picture of Dr. Thomas Luedtke
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Telephone external: 2320
Telephone internal: 230

Medizinaldirektor Kai-Uwe Spaniol

Department manager B3: Information about patients
Provisional senior scientist B5: ODIN Bw

No picture available
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Telephone external: 2100
Telephone internal: 2100

Dr. David Willems

Area manager B4.1: Standardized Health Information
Scientist A5

Picture of Dr David Willems
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Telephone Andernach ext: 2580
Telephone Andernach int: 2580
Telephone Koblenz ext: 77016‬
Telephone Koblenz int: 77016‬

Oberfeldarzt Dr. Melanie Schmeil

(Lieutenant Colonel (MC))

Area manager B4.2: Epidemiology
Deputy head of department B

Picture of Dr. Melanie Schmeil
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Telephone external: 2314
Telephone internal: 2314

Primary Staff of the Institute

Hauptfeldwebel Florian Hausen

(Sergeant First Class)

Company sergeant major

Picture of Florian Hausen
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Telephone external: 2003
Telephone internal: 2003

Hauptmann Thomas Elzholz


Director FGG6

Picture of Thomas Elzholz
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Telephone external: 2069
Telephone internal: 2069

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